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Reliability and the highest quality service are the fuel for a successful relationship

Customer experience at Macoil is one of the main points of our strategy to achieve our vision of becoming your partner of choice. Our strong and long lasting reputation is built on the dedication of our people, who make sure that you, our customer, feels fairly treated by us every time. Our main goal is to treat you the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Our experienced teams of bunker traders are constantly at your service, to find the most satisfying bunker solutions that meet your needs. Taking all aspects into consideration, Macoil provides high quality services with specialized analyses and constant follow up.

With the highest response rates, we will go to any length to meet your needs and take responsibility for any setbacks that might occur.

Our standards

  • Always honest, giving simple, clear and accurate information so that you can make informed decisions.

  • Always there for you, making it easy for you to contact us as we know that your time is precious.

  • At your service giving you help to meet your bunker needs. We always listen carefully to make sure we focus on improving the things that are important..


The Macoil House

Macoil International S.A. is one of the most reputable & long established bunkering houses in the Mediterranean market today, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company’s main activities involve the purchase of Marine Fuel Oil Cargoes and the physical supply to vessels owned or chartered by major reputable international companies at Gibraltar and Malta. According to official statistics the company ranks first in the areas. The company also is in the process of rebooting its presence in the Egyptian Ports of Suez & Port Said. Its brand name is well known and highly respected by all players in the industry worldwide, including major oil companies, first tier shipping companies & charterers, established fuel oil traders, and brokers. Macoils’ many years of experience and extensive knowledge as a physical bunker supplier gives to the company the capacity to provide efficient quality services, along with competitive prices to its customers in full compliance with the latest international rules and regulations.


Geography of operations

MACOIL in Gibraltar

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Macoil’s operations in Gibraltar are conducted through Macoil International S.A. local office, while the bunkering license is under Vemaoil Company Ltd. All Macoil’s tanker vessels are fully approved by major oil companies (Exxon Mobil, Shell, etc.) and also independent oil companies (Cepsa, Repsol, Petrogal, etc.) for cargo trading purposes.

Macoil in Malta

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The market in Malta is controlled by four local players – Falzon Group, Zammit bunkering, Cassar Group, IBOL and Macoil, being the international player.

Since September 2013, Macoil has been established as a physical bunker supplier in Malta, servicing all bunkering areas in all anchorages as well as in the ports of Valletta and Malta Freeport (Marsaxlokk).

Within only one year of bunkering operations in Malta, Macoil got about one third of the market and has become one of the market leaders in the region. The firm is currently holding 50% of the market share, ranking #1.

Macoil in Egypt

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Egypt has historically been a large hub for bunkering operations, given the importance of Suez Canal for the shipping industry.

Macoil's strong involvement and activities in Egypt go back to 1985 and since 2005 Macoil's subsidiary 'Macoil (Egypt) Bunkering and Trading Co' was the only foreign company fully licenced to operate in the Bunkering sector of northern (Port Said, Alexandria, El Dekheila, Damietta, Sidi Kerir) and southern ports (Suez, Ain Shukna, Adabiya) Macoil's presence in Egypt is translated in vast experience and expertise accumulated over the years in a challenging market.

The company is currently in the process of rebooting its bunkering operations in Egypt.

Meanwhile, Macoil continues its investments in Egypt through the subsidiary company 'Macoil Gas', entering the retail gas station sector through a high profile gas station network.

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With a strategic bunkering position in Suez Canal and a strong position in Gibraltar and Malta, Macoil will have an overall great advantage to service its customers easily in any of these three locations.

Business map strategic points

Macoil conducts its operations through five offices located in Greece, Gibraltar, Malta and Egypt. The map below sets the locations of Macoil’s operations and offices.

Map 1: Geography of Macoil’s operations

map points
map points

30 years of leading

Macoil’s principals have been investing in Egypt since 1978, with the major focus being on bunkering operations at Suez Port. In 1980 Macoil Incorporated bunkering company was established, which reached 700-800 ths. mt sales per annum (with total Egyptian bunkering market being 2.5-3.0 mln mt at that time). Success of these efforts in the Egyptian bunkering business and the growing importance of the Mediterranean region in the international seaborne trade, prompted Macoil’s principals to start operations in Gibraltar market in 1985, where it has built up a significant position in the Mediterranean bunkering market.

In 1995, bunkering operations of Macoil Incorporated in Egypt and Gibraltar were spinned-off into Macoil International S.A.

In 2005, Macoil Bunkering & Trading Company was established in Egypt. Macoil Bunkering & Trading Company opened its headquarters in Alexandria and also had the office in Cairo. With the new office in New Maadi (Cairo’s new business area), operations were relocated in a 500 sq.m. building.

On Egyptian market, prior to the Arab Spring, MAcoil operated deliveries at Alexandria, El Dekheila, Sidi Kerir, Abu Kir, Suez, Adabiya and Sukhna areas. Due to political instability in the region, Macoil froze the operations in Egypt in April 2012. With the positive upturn in the country’s political environment and improving economic conditions, Macoil is to relaunch the operations in Egypt 2016 and, additionally, considers possible expansion into the Gulf states, particularly UAE.

In 2009, Macoil established Macoil Egypt for Marketing, Trade, Petroleum Services & Gas (Macoil Gas) to operate in the retail gas station market. Macoil Gas’ headquarters are in Cairo in new office in New Maadi, which is shared together with Macoil Bunkering & Trading Company. In 2011, the construction of the first mega gas station - commercial venue started, which is to be finally launched in 2016 as the works were interrupted due to the instability caused by the aftermaths of the Arab Spring.

Following the temporary halt of operations in Egypt, in 2013, Macoil moved the vessels it had in Egypt to Malta and started its operations there, servicing all bunkering areas and anchorages as well as inside the ports of Valletta and Marsaxlokk. Within one year of operations, Macoil has secured a leading position in the bunkering sector of Malta.

Key milestones in Macoil's development are given in the chart below: